Broken Things

by Dropshock

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The debut electronic/dubstep album from Memphis native and Texas transplant Dropshock (Formerly Twitch) is a Halloween Gift to you. Enjoy.


released October 31, 2013

Music: Production, Orchestration, Mixing and Mastery by Jef Girdler (Twitch/Dropshock) At TMI (Twitch Music Industries)

Album Artwork: Courtney Owens, ©2012



all rights reserved


Dropshock College Station, Texas

Formerly Twitch, Dropshock is a bassjunkie dubstep and hip-hop producer from Memphis, Tennessee now located in the Heart of Texas. After experimenting with simple production in rock and metal genres, Dropshock became infatuated with dubstep, namely the subgenre of "deathstep" due to the rise of acts such as Mantis, TrollPhace and Getter. Classical instrumentation meets brutal bass. ... more

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Track Name: Haunted (Ft. Alina Casales)
I never got a chance to hold you
Before you faded away
I never got a chance to show you
I thought of you every day
And if I had one chance to tell you
How I've managed
I'd turn around and see you there
Because I'm still haunted
I'm still Haunted

And I still feel you haunting me
And it's as if you are still here with me
And I still feel you haunting me
And it's as if you are still here with me
Still haunting me

It's too cold here nowadays with a
Hole in my heart that i can't quite fill
Seems I'm nothing but a shell of my old self
Lost initiative, broken will
Holding up a weight that I never wanted to bear
Yeah I think it's unfair and I know that I'm scared
Of the dark world here where nobody else cares
If a father lies awake as his child lies still
It's agonizing, this never-ending torment
The only thing that could make this worse is the
Fact that the child never opened up his eyes
Didn't take his first breath, couldn't walk this earth
I'm left wondering what it'd be like
Looking face-first into my own eyes
A little extension of my own life
And he haunts me now for all I'm worth
I'll never know his voice or the shape of his face
But I feel like I see him every day
Trapped in mirrors, worlds away
Torn from me, stolen by fate
He blurs the lines between life and death
Lights my way, follows my steps
Haunts my every move; oh son, how I miss you
I wish I could've let you know
I wish I could've watched you grow
I'm losing what's left of my mind
Wishing you could just come home
Everything you could have been
All too quickly put to bed,
All I've left to remember you is the fact that I'm still haunted